Individual Expert

Professionals who qualify our criteria can choose this plan. Scientists, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Executives, Managers, basically any Veteran can join.

Startups and SMEs

Founders, Executives and Managers of a company that offer an innovative product or solution can join this plan. All the members should be a part of same company.

Non-profit Social Organisations

Registered not for profit organizations and social workers can join this plan.

Benefits of Thought Leadership

Thought Leaders are ambitious and qualified individuals who have the capacity to bring a positive change by putting their thoughts forward.

Boost Sales & Increases Opportunities

Getting yourself featured on authoritative publications boosts your credibility as a subject matter expert and increases your visibility in front of your market by 10X times.

Builds credibility and trust

Thought Leaders can guide or educate their market through their personal experiences. Individuals and entities trust them because they have seen them on media or other prestigious platforms.


Thought Leaders have the ability to influence the market and put forward their expertise through various authoritative platforms.

Who should join Intellectus?

Intellectus is prestigious and highly distinguished platform for experts. Our quality over quantity approach constrains us to accept applications only from subject matter experts. We also invite innovative companies to join Intellectus (only their experts can join),

Startup Founders & Technical Experts

We encourage the founders of a company to share their stories, beliefs and ideas through Intellectus platform.


Intellectus platform and program is designed for ambitious veterans as we believe they are the people who understand their industry at the grassroots level. Through Thought Leadership, veterans can land better opportunities and increase their pay scale.

Write on Authority Publications

Intellectus experts can freely share their ideas, insights and thoughts on authoritative publications while owning full author credits to their content.

Improve SEO

Articles published on the authority publications rank very well on search engines and appear on Google News. A backlink from authority publication to your website boosts your search engine rankings.

Promote their thoughts

Intellectus experts can freely promote their ideas, beliefs and researches on prestigious publishing platforms.

Get more followers

Individuals who like reading your articles can directly follow & subscribe to all your future updates through your very own profile page. The public profile also certifies you as an expert.

Our partnered publications

Intellectus is proud to have contractual working partnerships and direct CMS access to 50 globally recognized publications. Our experts share their ideas, thoughts and insights; Intellectus publishes their insights on our partnered publications through our inbuilt plugin technology.

  • INC42 Magazine
  • Entrepreneur
  • TechInAsia
  • Dzone
  • Small Biz Daily
  • IoT Business News

What we offer?

Our platform and program offers ambitious professionals with all the necessary elements to become a Thought Leader.

Peer Learning platform

Our community platform gives every member a chance to interact, learn & collaborate with other experts around the world in their thought leadership journey.

Public profile page

Your public profile page on Intellectus is your identity and verifies you as an expert. People can learn more about you and subscribe to all your future updates through this page.

Influencer starter kit

From a public profile page for your future subscribers to motivating you to share more. We offer a complete kit to help you kickstart your influencer journey.

Dedicated editor

You are assigned a dedicated editor who will constantly guide and motivate you in your thought leadership journey. The editor will go to any extent to make you an influencer.

Create Impact

Create an impact on millions of lives by sharing your beliefs on the most authoritative publications in the world. Intellectus holds direct CMS access to publications in a variety of niches.

Become a Leader

Your thoughts matter because they come from your experience in the industry. We believe that every community member of Intellectus can become a leader by writing thought leadership articles.

Flawless publishing

We have made the cumbersome process of publishing on authoritative publications as easy as 1,2,3. Get your thoughts published on globally recognized magazines every month.

Coaching & Motivation

Our structured thought leadership program, peer learning platform and a dedicated editor will enable you to focus on the right areas of your brand development.

Intellectus is an ultimate Thought Leadership platform for experts

Check if you are eligible to share your insights on prestigious publications and start your thought-leadership journey.

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