Abhinav Dubey

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I cover IoT and Business as an Intellectus community expert.

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Company: Breadware

Designation: Chief Strategy Officer

Awards: Vice President Award – AMD

Industry: IoT and Electronics development

Experience: 10+ Years

Education: MBA from Oxford University

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Taking the plunge into the world of entrepreneurship after my once in a lifetime MBA experience at Oxford. Thanks Oxford for inspiring me in so many ways.

I am a confident, dynamic and cheerful professional with a flair to pick up things very quickly. I don’t fear the unknown and am comfortable being uncomfortable. I am good at combining data with instincts in sensing, analyzing and creating opportunities.

I have lived up to the challenge of module ownership in Honeywell during my internship itself which is a rare phenomenon. Without any background in hardware engineering, I have had a rewarding career at AMD reaching the level of member of technical staff in mere 6.5 years of professional experience which again is a rare occurrence.

I love to conceptualize new ideas and convert them from concept to reality. And I also enjoy mentoring.

No work can happen in isolation. I have collaborated successfully for many programs with cross site teams in North America and APAC, and have earned good reputation across the organization for technical, communication and interpersonal skills.

Core skills that I bring in:
Strategic thinking, sensing opportunities, ideation.
Mentoring, communication and interpersonal skills.
Analyzing, debugging and thus simplifying complex problems to viable solutions.
Driving ideas from concept to reality.

Technical expertise:
X86 post silicon validation, specializing in x86 AMD power management architecture.
Directed and random diagnostics (Planning, design, implementation, debug, silicon bring up).
C++ based design and development (OOAD, STL, Design Patterns).
Six Sigma Green Belt certified.

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I cover IoT and Business as an Intellectus community expert.

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