We at Intellectus, want all our community members to reach their maximum potential by contributing as many articles as they can in a month. For this purpose, we have unlocked a series of Digital Badges.

To put it in simple words, a Digital Badge implies an accomplishment that can be verified online. Being an expert of the Intellectus Community, unlocking a Digital badge solely depends on the number of articles and insights you’ve contributed as well as the number of subscribers you’ve gained over time.

Digital badges can be thought of as a part of the larger digital credentialing system. There are numerous ways to recognize an achievement and different forms of proof for various needs. A Digital Badge serves as recognition of achievement and proof of your accomplishment.

The main aim of this system is to motivate you to write as much as possible and not just stick to the mandatory one article and one insight per month. We believe that the more you write, the faster you will be able to connect with your audience and reach your potential clients while also establishing yourself as a thought leader who has the innate ability of creating an impact on millions of readers.

The Badge System we have devised is as follows:


The Achiever badge is for experts who are relatively new to the community. It will be unlocked once you’ve written six articles and shared six insights and at the same time gained over 25 subscribers on your Intellectus page.

Top- Contributor

This badge is unlocked for an expert who has written over 6 articles and shared over 6 insights. In addition, you should also have over 250 followers on your Intellectus page.


This badge is given to an Expert who has written over 12 articles and shared over 12 insights. He should have also gained more than 250 followers on his Intellectus page. There are other perks that come with being an Advisor as well-

  • VIP access to leading events in your industry


This badge is unlocked on successful completion of 12 articles and 12 insights and is given to an expert who has gained over 500 followers/subscribers.