Becoming a thought leader definitely has numerous advantages. Several companies today are inclined towards thought leadership to drive their brand or service forward. In the business world, it is no big secret that becoming a thought leader can make you more approachable and also build your reputation. Here are some of the characteristics of a good thought leader:

  • Drive and passion: You really need to believe in a product, concept or service and understand and support it completely.
  • Be innovative: Thought leadership is basically about having new ideas and inculcating a sense of learning in your audience or employees. It is about looking beyond the current products and finding ways to make them better, by finally creating something that customers want.
  • Be an influencer: A good thought leader should have the innate ability to inspire and motivate others, and ultimately strive for the same end goal.

But thought leadership is not for everyone. There are different points to consider before using the thought leadership approach. For instance, you need to have a deep understanding of your field of expertise that is backed by in-depth research. If you think you aren’t ready to become a thought leader yet, but still have adequate knowledge to provide insights, you can consider becoming an Intellectus Expert.

Type 1: Intellectus Expert Membership

  • The membership fee is $199 a year
  • This is applicable for people who aren’t ready to write full-fledged articles but still want to provide insights on top-notch publications along with other authors. This is an Example of an insightful article published by Intellectus.
  • You get a personal profile page for your subscribers and access to our community platform.  This is an example of a personal profile page of an Intellectus member.
  • In addition to that, you can take part in Global development researches
  • By the end of your journey, you gain an Intellectus Expert Certificate

On the other hand, if you think you are ambitious enough and have what it takes to become a Thought Leader, we at Intellectus, give you the opportunity of pursuing your dream:

Type 2: Intellectus Thought-leadership Membership

  • The membership fee is $699 a year
  • This is applicable for people who want to write full-fledged articles based on their field of expertise and create an impact on millions of people around the world
  • You get a dedicated editor/relationship manager who will assist you in every step of the journey
  • You get advanced community member access and can provide insights on subject matters
  • You can write unlimited thought leadership articles on our partnered publications
  • You also get a personal profile page for your subscribers, free entry to top-level events in your industry and the unique opportunity of strategically developing your own personal brand

The benefits of Thought Leadership for yourself and your company:

  • Increased opportunity: Once your profile is known and established, your opportunities automatically increase. This could range from being invited to speak at events, interviews for television or maybe even radio, and also the chance of making your way into new markets
  • Sale Boost: Becoming renowned through thought leadership always has a very positive impact on sales. Thought leaders end up landing high-quality work as opposed to their competitors
  • Increased Influence: Once you are recognized in your field of expertise, your opinions and ideas begin to carry more weight, giving you the chance to extend influence over your industry
  • Company value and growth: Thought leadership can be considered to be as valuable to a brand as the service or product it sells. Several well-established companies have monitored the effect of thought leadership and have consequently reported double digit growth in stock and brand value.
  • Personal satisfaction: When professionals have the freedom to develop themselves, different opportunities are created which ultimately leads to great job satisfaction and productivity.