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What is The Intellectus?

In simple terms, Intellectus is an exclusive, invite-only community of highly acclaimed experts and analysts coming together to share their research, insights and views on trending topics in their respective industries on top-level publications.

Intellectus has partnered and built strong relations with many authoritative media publications around the world that reach millions of readers.

Our community experts can freely share thought-leadership articles on our partnered publications which thus paves the way towards creating an impact and becoming a thought-leader. Our goal is to empower industry experts and make their thoughts known to the world.

Our partners

Intellectus has partnered with over 40 International publications. Our experts can share their thoughts freely on our partnered networks. The content generated by our experts is proofread and published under their name on any of our partnered networks.

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Intellectus operates on Two Models

Invited members can select any model as per their personal goals.

  1. Intellectus Expert: If you are keen on becoming a thought leader, but feel like you aren’t ready yet, you can kick start your journey by becoming an Intellectus Expert. This is applicable for those people who don’t want to write full-fledged articles, but still want to share their insights on top-notch publications along with other authors. By becoming an Intellectus expert, you can gain access to our community platform, take part in Global development researches and also gain an Intellectus expert certificate by the end of it.
  2. Thought Leader: This is for ambitious people who want to write articles based on their field of expertise and create an impact on millions of readers across the globe. Acquiring the reputation of a thought leader automatically helps build your personal brand and makes you more approachable. Becoming a thought leader on Intellectus gives you advanced community member access and also a dedicated editor who will assist you in every step of your journey.

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Intellectus Expert
  • Share insights in our weekly insight articles.
  • Personal profile page for your subscribers
  • Access to our community platform
  • Take part in Global development researches
  • Intellectus expert certificate

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Thought Leader
  • Write unlimited thought-leadership articles on our partnered publications
  • Dedicated editor/relationship manager.
  • Advance community member access
  • Reserve spots in insights article
  • Share insights in our weekly insights article
  • Personal profile page for your subscribers
  • 1 Free entry to a top-level event in your industry.
  • The inclusion of profile set up fees
  • Strategic development of your personal brand
  • Intellectus expert certificate

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Note: 3% of your membership fee is donated to Vision Foundation (Non-profit Charitable trust).

[gp_testimonial_slider][gp_testimonial image=”2314″ headline=”CIO at Visteon and lead three consequtive organisations for CIO100 award” name=”Raman Mehta”]Through Intellectus publication partner network, I was able to share my beliefs and ideas in the automotive IoT industry with thousands of readers in the first month. Intellectus has significantly helped me in building my personal brand and has also helped me achieve the status of a Global expert in my industry.[/gp_testimonial][/gp_testimonial_slider]

[gp_testimonial_slider][gp_testimonial image=”2317″ headline=”Manager @ World Bank | MBA from Wharton Business School” name=”Amit Jain”]Intellectus has helped me inculcate the habit of writing and sharing my thoughts on a regular basis.
This community has not only helped my ideas reach the world but has also empowered me to share more.[/gp_testimonial][/gp_testimonial_slider]