Intellectus has newly launched a referral system for its community members. If you have someone in mind whom you think would be interested/suitable to join our community, you could refer them in order to earn tokens which can be used in various ways.

The Process

Step 1: You will be given a Unique Referral code that needs to be filled in the application form by the expert you are referring.

Step  2: We’ve created a Fast-Track form on our website that has to be forwarded to the expert you want to refer. He needs to fill out your Unique Referral code. Keep in mind that if this field is left blank by her/him, the application will be considered invalid.

Step 3: Once this is done, the form is sent to our Selection Committee who will take around 48 hours to scrutinize the profile and come to a mutual decision about the expert’s eligibility to join Intellectus.

Step 4: If the Selection Committee says yes and deems the person you referred to be eligible to join our community, the referred person will be sent an invite; and the community expert (you) will be cc’d throughout the conversation, if necessary.

Step 5: After the invite is sent, the expert will have to sign the contract and clear the invoice.

Step 6: When the above-given steps are complete, the expert will be connected to a relationship manager who will later send a welcome email and set up the Intellectus profile for the expert.

Benefits for you-

  • You earn tokens for every expert you recommend. These tokens can be used in numerous ways; you can find more information about this here.
  • 10% of the tokens earned by the expert you refer,  throughout his membership period
  • 15% of the membership fees.

Benefits for the expert you are referring (through your referral code)-

  • Their application will be given priority. The process followed will be a fast-track process. Experts you refer will be given the exclusive benefit of joining our community within 2 working days if approved by the Selection Committee, as opposed to the normal time frame of 12-14 days.