We are pleased to announce the launch of a new referral program for the current experts of our community, Intellectus. This system is based on tokens, which can be thought of as a special kind of virtual currency which represents an asset or utility.

The purpose behind introducing the token system is to motivate our community members to perform better with regard to every aspect of Intellectus. Thus, the tokens act as driving forces or incentives for the experts of our community. This means that irrespective of what you’re working on, whether it’s an article or insight, you will be earning a certain number of tokens. The system is as follows-

Token policy Number of tokens earned
For every insight provided 2 tokens
For every article submitted 5 tokens
For every Expert you recommend 15 tokens


Please note –  The expert you’ve referred needs to be approved by our Selection Committee first. Once he/ she is a part of Intellectus, you earn 15 tokens. If the expert you’ve referred recommends another expert who becomes a part of Intellectus after being chosen by the Selection Committee, he earns 15 tokens. The tokens are transferred to the previous person on the chain and not to the originator.

Expert referral program
Expert referral program

After you’ve gained a certain number of tokens, you can burn them as follows:-

Benefit Number of tokens required
For your article to be published on a top-tier desired publication that Intellectus has partnered with 15 tokens
For you to gain VIP access to the best Industry Events that Intellectus has partnered with 40 tokens


Please note –  All your articles, by default, will always be published on renowned publications around the world. When you burn tokens, the benefit just adds the privilege of choosing which publication you specifically want.

VIP access events: These events may cover your flight and accommodation costs. In addition to that, these events will help you enhance your thought leadership journey while also assist in growing your personal brand.