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Company: Intellectus

Designation: Founder

Awards: Forbes 30 under 30

Industry: Media and Marketing

Experience: 7+ Years

Badge:   Top-Contributor

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Yash Mehta is an internationally recognized IoT, M2M and Big Data technology expert. He has written a number of widely acknowledged articles on Data Science, IoT, Business Innovation, Cognitive intelligence, Tools, Security technologies, Business strategies, Development etc. His articles have been featured in the most authoritative publications and awarded as one of the most innovative and influential works in the connected technology industry by IBM and Cisco IoT department.

His work has been featured on leading industry platforms that have a specialization in Big Data Science and M2M.

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Latest articles from Yash

  • Resizing Images Will Speed Up An Image Heavy Website

    For every website, images are the key component. This is because images accounts for more than 60% of all data that is loaded in a website, according to HTTP Archive. You will find lots of images used in all types of websites including: E-commerce Fashion News  Blogs or  Travel portals. Therefore, if you are into web designing, you must focus more on use of images in your design and its optimization. However, simply adding images will not suffice your purpose because you will need to make sure that the image heavy website is not slow to load. In order to The post Resizing Images Will Speed Up An Image Heavy Website appeared first on IoT Worm. […]

  • Debt Consolidation – Changes your credit card undergoes

    Individuals and business owners from time to time draw in personal and business loans. The objective is either business investments or settle personal bills or tackle a monetary emergency. It often makes them undergo a dangerous debt cycle, that doesn’t end. One of the best ways to get out from this is to say yes to a debt consolidation program. Under this program, there can be several changes in your financial decisions and also your credit card. Financial stress affects every aspect of your life! It harms your sleep, personal space, and even business decisions. Sometimes, business owners make the The post Debt Consolidation – Changes your credit card undergoes appeared first on IoT Worm. […]

  • What is the Significance of Good Credit Score?

    People can survive by having bad credit, but it is not easy. Having a good credit score indeed will help one in saving money and thereby making their financial life easier. Take a look at these reasons that will help one in maintaining their good credit score. Benefits in Abundance  Low-Interest Rates- The rate of interest is the cost that one pays for borrowing cash. And often the rate of interest they receive is tied to their credit score directly. When the credit score is good, one can qualify for the top rate of interest. That means they will pay The post What is the Significance of Good Credit Score? appeared first on IoT Worm. […]

  • Little Known Facts About Las Vegas

    People have different reasons for traveling to Las Vegas. Some will go in order to attend the different business conventions that pass through town every year. Others will head to Vegas in order to unwind on a relaxing vacation for a few days. Some will hit up the numerous local casinos with hopes of striking it rich. While you can find online options in Nevada when it comes to betting, the most authentic way to get a Vegas experience is to live it for yourself.  Las Vegas is known for a number of oddities, and there are quirks about the The post Little Known Facts About Las Vegas appeared first on IoT Worm. […]

  • The Secret to Technology

    The Secret to Technology Smart together with proficient business leaders ‘ are picking out to start consulting businesses that advise additional leaders and entrepreneur in every parts of organization. Once evolution businesses hire an internet programmer, are going to educated about the craft of their developer. It is likely to soon be simpler that you know if your company is doing well or not. Outlining the parameters of one’s goods and product lifecycle is vital for the achievement of almost any business . Hunting for a efficient and dependable ODC isn’t uncomplicated. If obtaining new engineering make certain it’s open The post The Secret to Technology appeared first on IoT Worm. […]

  • The Downside Risk of Technology That No One Is Talking About

    Here’s What I Know About Technology Training is not going to substantially help matters. Science and technology provide many societal advantages, like the enhancement of financial growth or high quality of life. It proceeds so fast it is going to self-destruct. The development of technology has helped to advance the ways we communicate with one another. The main reason why financial service providers enlist the assistance of a firm that specializes in financial technology public relations is quite easy. So to be able to stay in the current market, it is necessary to keep the company well equipped with all The post The Downside Risk of Technology That No One Is Talking About appeared first on IoT Worm. […]


    Dreaming a dream is what we want. We all want our dreams to come true. But have you ever felt like you are caught in a dream on a loop? A fairytale of a dream starts and then turns into a nightmare and the fear of it is gripping you like that as well? There was a point in my life when the depression hit the hardest and the financial crisis just poured from the sky and it felt like drowning. Until I got myself some help. A Better Me Was On the Way Accepting who you are and what The post Life-Altering Decisions – HOW I MANAGED TO BE A BETTER VERSION OF MYSELF appeared first on IoT Worm. […]

  • Manhood Enlargement Surgical procedures

    Penile Getting longer Surgery with the Penis Suspensory Ligament Practice: A ordinary process for you to stretch the male organ happening Australia is usually did by a operative treatment with the aim of grazes the suspensory tendon of the male organ, making it possible for the item to hold with more distance end to end outside the quantity (envision diagram lower than). The score is manufactured in the pubic province which by and large departs a horizontal scratch mark approximately 4cm here period. manhood bulge surgical procedures case copy Surgery Practice – Penis Enlargement Extending – Minimize Suspensory Sinew Make The post Manhood Enlargement Surgical procedures appeared first on IoT Worm. […]

  • Workers Comp Workup: 5 Tips To Remember Before Your Independent Medical Examination

    No one wants to suffer a workplace injury, but if you do, you need to be sure that you do everything you can to ensure the success of your claim. As part of the worker’s compensation process, you may have to have an independent medical examination to ensure that your claim is accepted. While there is nothing for you to worry about, we have five tips to help you get the most out of your appointment. 1. Be Truthful for Your Independent Medical Examination Before you see the doctor conducting the exam, you will be asked to fill out a questionnaire. The post Workers Comp Workup: 5 Tips To Remember Before Your Independent Medical Examination appeared first on IoT Worm. […]

  • World’s Cheapest Holiday Destinations

    Everyone has a dream to travel but many of them can’t afford to get to the best places in the world. But now, budget traveling is possible and if you are planning for the budget traveling, don’t worry, you will get plenty of places to flock on and have the same pleasures. Here are some most affordable and adoring holiday destinations in the world you should visit. Morocco: Looking for the charm and calm altogether? Morocco Cheap holidays have a great offer for you in this regard. It is the best place for you and most importantly, more affordable too. The post World’s Cheapest Holiday Destinations appeared first on IoT Worm. […]