What is Intellectus?

Intellectus is highly selective, invite-only platform of acclaimed experts, coming together on a single platform to provide their thought leadership content and insights on topics pertaining to their respective field of expertise. It helps experts build a brand for themselves by getting their articles published on top publications. It has currently partnered with 40 international publications and has experts from Fortune 500 companies who have graduated from Universities like Wharton, Oxford and even Harvard.

Our Mission

Intellectus aims at creating a well-connected community of experts from different fields and backgrounds. We not only want to empower experts but also want to provide authentic and genuine content by reaching millions of readers across the globe, through different sources of Media and Communications. These valuable insights, given by experts will help readers who are looking for a unique, unbiased and reliable perspective.

How the Idea of Intellectus was born?

The idea of Intellectus was born after Yash Mehta (Founder of Intellectus) realized, during his previous venture in PR agency, that most of the articles generated on the top-level publications are being generated by marketers who brand themselves as so-called industry experts. Being a marketer himself and having published over 800 articles under ‘expert opinion’ on technologies like IoT, M2M and Data Science on the top-notch publications in spite of being a layman in these technologies was the best way to identify this problem. He ascertained how it was to hack their selection/eligibility system and mask himself as an industry expert.

Solving the problem: Solution Statement

There are numerous articles written on the internet. This information is mainly generated by marketers who brand themselves as so called industry experts. After having written on many publications, Yash later understood how to partner with them along with gaining in-depth knowledge of the editorial mindset. Intellectus seeks to build and manage a community of legitimate experts who substantially fulfill our criteria of being a real expert. These experts have signed an exclusive working contract with us and provide research and insights in the form of stand-alone articles or quotes that we then go on to publish on top-notch publications.