Intellectus is a promising social enterprise, and a highly distinguished, invite-only space of acclaimed experts from different industries. Intellectus gives community members the opportunity of coming together on a single platform so that they can provide valuable thought-leadership content based on their field of expertise. It helps experts build a brand for themselves by getting their articles published on authoritative publications. The sole reason behind starting Intellectus is to empower experts by bringing their thoughts, ideas and insights to the world.

We have recently come up with a program called the ‘Intellectus Expert Referral Program’. To put it in simple terms, if you think you have contacts of experts who fulfill a minimum of 3 out of our 6 criteria and would be interested in writing thought leadership content pertaining to their respective industry, you could recommend them. We’ve listed our criteria here:-

  1. 5 years+ experience in your respective industry
  2. Lead a team of more than 3 members
  3. Worked as an executive, founder or manager of your company
  4. Won at least 1 national/International level award or gained recognition on a renowned platform
  5. Previously published an article/research paper on an authoritative source
  6. Acquired a masters degree/ Ph.D. in your industry.


The process is as follows-

Step 1: The expert you are referring needs to fill out a google form on our website.

Step 2: Once this is done, the form is sent to the Selection Committee who will take around 48 hours to scrutinize the profile and come to a mutual decision about the expert’s eligibility.

Step 3: If the Selection Committee says yes and deems the expert you referred to be eligible to join our community, the expert will be sent an invite; and the referral partner (you) will be cc’d throughout the conversation, if necessary.

Step 4: After the invite is sent, the expert will have to clear the invoice and sign the contract.

Step 5: When the above given steps are complete, the expert will be connected to a relationship manager who will later send a welcome email and set up the Intellectus profile for the expert.


Perks for partners

Partners are entitled to several perks starting with the commission. The commission rates are given below:-

  • Up until 15 experts – you receive 25% of the yearly recurring membership fee
  • Once you bring in more than 15 experts – you receive 35% of the yearly recurring membership fee

Please note – commission rates are based on individual experts that are referred

In addition to that, you will be granted the status of a partner. This means that you will solely have the authority to bring in experts and be the official representative of Intellectus. You will also receive exclusive Intellectus goodies and be invited to Industry events that Intellectus has partnered with.