Thank you for your interest to become an Intellectus expert.

Once you have filled our application form, we request you to read this article carefully to avoid any confusion about the selection process.

Intellectus is a highly distinguished and selective platform that chooses experts to be a part of the community after thoroughly analyzing and scrutinizing the candidate’s respective profiles.

The selection procedure is as follows –

Our Selection Committee comprises of 6 experts from different places who are excelling in their respective fields. This diversity ensures there is absolutely no bias when it comes to selecting a candidate for Intellectus platform. The Committee Members take approximately 7-10 days to revert based on the following selection criteria:-

  1. 7 years+ experience in your respective industry
  2. Lead a team of more than 3 members
  3. Worked as an executive, founder or manager of your company
  4. Won at least 1 national/International level award or gained recognition on a renowned platform
  5. Previously published an article/research paper on an authoritative source
  6. Acquired a masters degree/ Ph.D. in your industry

Intellectus Expert Scholarship

You need to fulfill at least 3 out of the above 6 criteria in order to become a part of the Intellectus community.

If you fulfill 3 out of 6 criteria, you are required to pay the full membership fee.

If you fulfill 4 out of 6 criteria, you are entitled to pay 85% of the membership fee.

If you fulfill 5 out of 6 criteria, you are entitled to pay 60% of the membership fee.

If you fulfill all six criteria, the amount to be paid will be 40% as you completely qualify our definition of an expert.

In case you don’t qualify to be an Intellectus expert by our selection committee, you can apply after 6 months in order for us to reconsider your application.

Note: Our selection committee holds all rights to deny any application if they do not deem it to be a right fit according to Intellectus community standards. We take their decision very seriously and any of our executive, founder etc. do not have the rights to alter their decision.

If you think the selection committee has misunderstood your qualifications or an unfair decision has been made because they got certain facts wrong, kindly bring this to our notice. You should send us additional documents that stand as proof of your qualifications which we will then forward to the Selection Committee.

After a re-evaluation, you will be notified of any change has been made in our decision.

We thank you for applying to Intellectus and we value your time and expertise.

Wishing you the Best!

Team Intellectus