We encourage the Intellectus community members to freely express their unique perspectives about their respective industries in order to help readers on our partnered publications get a better insight with regard to your thoughts and ideas about a particular topic.

Keep in mind readers want to gain in-depth knowledge about subject matter, so the information you provide should be backed by facts and metrics, along with your personal opinions. Have a good grasp on the latest events and trends in the industry and a deep insight into a potential challenge or problem while also doing your best in providing a viable solution backed by your solid industry knowledge.


No matter what topic you choose, we want the content to be yours. It must be original work that is not under submission at another publication or under consideration for publication in any other form. We don’t accept previously published articles, and that, while you’ll hold the copyright to anything you publish with us, our partnered publications ask for a 15-day exclusive use of the content when it first goes live.


Your title is worth a thousand words; it should be actionable and catchy. You need to ensure it is short and explanatory while at the same time appealing enough to attract the desired audience; you could try framing the title as a question or use forward-looking words like “future” or “next”. Don’t make it vague and try to stay away from cliches.


Voice, tone and style:

  • We would ideally want you to express your opinions in first person narrative. This gives your article a personalized touch, and readers are assured that the opinions expressed are authentic and genuine and not in fact, plagiarised from another source. This will also help in building your own personal brand.
  • If you’re stating facts, you can go ahead and type it out as it is.
  • On the other hand, if you find a quote interesting or something that you think would enhance the quality of your article, please ensure you give credits to the source or provide a direct link to the blog. Unique ideas or direct quotes that people have built a brand or reputation around should be cited. Keep in mind, no affiliate links or vendor site links will be accepted.
  • Your tone should be persuasive, convincing and authoritative and should strongly reflect your stance on a particular topic.
  • We don’t expect your language to be flowery or highly technical; your style should be simple, yet significant enough to create an impact.

Word count and formatting requirement

Submit all your articles on Google docs and make sure you give us the edit access.Once our platform goes live, you can directly submit your articles on the submission page.The minimum number of words should be 500. There is no restriction on the maximum count. If an article goes beyond 1500 words, we would recommend you to make a series for the upcoming months. The text should be typed in Times New Roman style with a font size of 12 pts for legibility, and a 1-inch margin all around.  

What to write and examples of blog posts

You can write on trending topics corresponding to your respective industry or anything that you think would be of substantial interest to your readers. Any topic that has entered the point of a public discussion should be given importance. A thought leadership article should essentially not be littered with footnotes, so you could make good use of examples or metaphors while trying to explain an idea.

We request you to stick to your field of expertise and not venture into subjects that don’t belong to your niche. This will retain the proficiency of your article and will also live up to the expectations of readers as well.

Intellectus quality standards:

Since we are partnering up with top-level, authoritative publications, Intellectus strongly believes in well-written articles that are clear and precise. We believe in providing our readers with information that will assist them in gaining valuable insights for research or help them in getting a step closer towards realizing their goals and dreams. You could use playful language as well, as long as you are able to convey your point with clarity.

Dedicated editors:

You will be assigned a diligent editor who will assist you in every step of the way-

  1. Suggest a suitable topic
  2.   Approve a topic chosen by you
  3. Proofread
  4.   Verify facts


The editor is responsible for proofreading your article, verifying facts and checking if your article is grammatically correct. The editor will by no means change the meaning of your article or have the right to alter facts and opinions. Keep in mind that if something infringes the contract,we duly have the right to eliminate it.

Linking policy

If you mention or provide a link to a company, product or service that you are or have been

involved with, you need to disclose this to the readers. This includes current or previous employment, current or previous clients, stock or bond ownership, or any other relationship that could reasonably be thought to bias your perspective.
Example: “In the latest Unisys Security Index, we found that nearly 60 percent of Americans surveyed say a security breach involving their personal or credit card data would make them
less likely to do business at a bank or store they commonly use. (Disclosure: I
am employed by Unisys.)”


If you mention a company that you are working for, or have personal preferences for the same, make sure you disclose it to Intellectus as well as the readers.

Timelines (TAT):

 As per the contract, we require you to submit one article and one insight every month. Insights include a quote or relevant data you’ve come across with respect to your industry.

We expect you to submit the title/topic of your article within the first week of each month. (By the 7th)

The final draft of your article should be submitted by the 18th. The editor will take 2-3 days to review, proofread and verify the facts you’ve mentioned. If there are major changes that the editor deems necessary, the article will be sent back with added comments. We request you to make the changes and send it back as soon as possible. If no changes are required, the article will be immediately sent to the publication.

We humbly request you not to make delays in the above procedure because most publications take a minimum of 7 days to review before they go ahead with the publishing.

Once the live link is generated, it will be duly be forwarded to you.


Please Note-

You have the freedom to submit more than one article per month. In case you do, this will be treated as an optional one and we encourage you to share as many thought-leadership articles as you can. However, this will by no means exempt you from providing an article the next month.

One article and one insight per month are mandatory.

In case you’re unable to submit the mandatory article during a particular month, make sure your assigned editor is notified through an email on the same.

Event Calendar:

The Event calendar mentions the demands of specific publications in relation to the kind of articles they are looking for. If you think a particular demand matches your field of expertise, you can opt to write for it. You will find all the essential information in this section and can directly apply here.