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Partner with industry experts to boost publication authority and credibility

Partner with industry experts to boost publication authority and credibility

The Intellectus – Genius Worldwide Council

Value Proposition

Partner with industry experts to boost publication authority and credibility

Intellectus is an initiative that was born out of the realization that readers want authentic, reliable and insightful information in the content they read. Intellectus delivers this need of readers as well as of publications by building a global community of experts from diverse fields and bringing them together under a single platform. By partnering up with this community, publications could create valuable and reliable content coming down from industry experts. Essentially for publications, the following are the key benefits that a partnership with the Intellectus community provides:

  • Authentic  content

Information coming down from industry veterans or experts with extensive domain related experience in fields such as science and technology, arts, business, politics and many more are authentic and brings a fresh perspective to the readers.

  • Reliable industry-specific insights

Unique insights or opinion from experts in their domain field can be trusted as it is not a mere speculation of outsiders but of those who are in the know of activities that take place in their field.

  • Better reputation and credibility

Just as how celebrity endorsements work, teaming up with experts recognized in their field to create high profile content increases the perceived authority and credibility of the publication while also elevating its online visibility and reputation.   

What the Intellectus offers

Rather than reaching out to various industry experts for contributions, the Intellectus brings a whole community of those experts to the publications. With Intellectus, publications could cater deep domain-related expertise to their audience. Consequently, publication gets the following:

  • Instant access to a wide array of experts in various domain areas
  • Unique and insightful information
  • Increased authority and credibility

With an exception of few notable publications, for most of them, inviting top-level experts to contribute to the platform is not an easy task and most publications spend a large sum of money in building and maintaining a contributor network. These contributors are often marketers who have branded themselves as an ‘expert’ and become a pipeline for payola. Therefore, by partnering with Intellectus, publications no longer require maintaining a contributor network and this helps in reducing the persistent issue of payola in journalism.

Besides, reaching out to people in the tech, entrepreneurial, academic and other communities is a drain on the limited resources for several publications. Intellectus saves this hassle by providing accessibility to a community of experts through a single platform. The key aspect is that Intellectus will augment the work of staff writers with relevant insights or research and will serve the needs of the publications as per their content calendar, long-term goals, focus and other requirements.

Why partner with the intellectus?

Intellectus is the brainchild of those who know the digital media and publishing field very well and have cracked the code to branding themselves as ‘experts’ to market their content to publications without actually being subject matter experts. The team behind the Intellectus understands the needs of the readers as well as the editorial mindset and realizes the necessities required in creating valuable content that could build authority for the publications.

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